Photography is a very powerful tool. Using it for projects and campaigns to create visibility for people, who's voices are not heard

is my motivation. Empowerment through imagery is my way.


The combination of my work experience as a political press photographer, my studies of Communications-Design as well as my recently gained Masters of Humanitarian Work and International Relations equipped me with an excellent visual understanding.

I combine creativity and organizational skills. Through managing different projects, public relations and a huge variety of publications.


I have extensive knowledge about planning, implementing and assessment. Through working in countries like Bhutan, Mongolia and Thailand I have very good intercultural skills.


Today social media creates new ways to communicate and connect- it allows us a wider view out in the world and a variety of perspectives. By using a participatory method I am sharing photography as a tool of storytelling to increase the perspectives.

My aim is to portray people trough their strength and use positive imagery as a way of empowerment.